Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall showcased a pretty good episode for Game of Thrones; however it was not great by a long shot. The two GOT episodes I will always hold to the highest of esteem are The Rains of Castamere (The Red Wedding) and Breaker of Chains. Both episodes left me wanting more, while Beyond the Wall only makes me await the biggest question who gets the iron throne?

The acquisition of gaining a dragon for the Night King’s army was instantly brought to my mind when I saw the dead bear attack Jon Snow and his companions. The night King displayed his fierce power as he hurled an ice spear fatally putting an end to Daenery’s beloved child, which brings me to Jon Snow. Jon Snow for does not embody the part of a hero although he does have leadership skills he still suffers from maintaining that Ned Stark honor. Jon cost Danny a dragon, as he puts himself in harms way for whatever reason. Even when the show ends, and he’s finally given his true lineage, which may even happen next week *fingers crossed* if the throne is presented to him he won’t take it. 

Jon has no desire to lead the seven kingdoms, but every desire to lead the North. Once Jon is told by Bran the secret that has plagued his entire life does he truly abandon the North? I don’t think Jon would leave just because of Targeryen heritage, which brings me to his new love interest Daenerys Targeryen (his aunt).

Daenerys is slowly becoming her father reincarnated as she no longer follows advice from the very people who got her this far. Tyrions ominous warning to do nothing foreshadowed the end of her dragon, and an apparent shift in power. The only thing that can save Daenerys from a similar reign as her father is Jon Snow, but she’s too reluctant to pursue anything with him in a romantic fashion because every man she’s ever loved has died. Perhaps things with her nephew will be a bit different.

 The Night King although he has a dragon does not present a huge threat after Jon discovers early on that killing a lieutenant of the Night King caused the white walkers in that group to die. This lead them to they theory that if the Night King falls the rest will die. 
Arya was justified in all her actions. I wish she had killed her sister, but she has bigger fish to fry. Cersei Lannister presents the greatest threat to everyone, and Arya must bring her to an end, or perhaps Jamie kills his sister, or Arya disguised as Jamie. The possibilities are endless. Arya further exposes Sansa for her cowardice during the execution of her father. The rift between the sisters is real with Little Finger uses it to his advantage. 

Overall Beyond the Wall was good, but it shows the show is slowly coming to an end. I remember a time in Game of Thrones where no character was safe. People died almost every week and as a viewer you become fearful to fall in love with particular characters, but now we have entered the era where Benjen Stark miraculously saves his “nephew” from the entire white walker army in an instance. Oh if only Robb Stark had been so lucky but I digress. 

Naked (Netflix Review)

Marlon Wayans showcases his talent yet again as both a screenplay writer and actor with his Netflix original movie, Naked. Naked in many ways for me was a Modern day Groundhogs Day, but with a predominantly black cast with issues fit for 2017. Viewers will find themselves sympathizing with the reoccurring theme of love simply because we’ve all been there before…true enough maybe not as many times as Rob Anderson, but we feel his pain.

You’ll find yourself rooting for the guy within the first 20 minutes of the film, and by 30 minutes in you won’t be able to turn away, and not necessarily because he’s running around nude, but because the plot establishes dominate shifts. There are times where Netflix misses the mark with films: however Naked misses the body while hitting the mark. 

In many ways the evolution of man takes place during the film. Repetition is utilized well with the scenes, but in such a way the repetition becomes new, which pushes the plot forward finally clothing the story, so if you have 96 minutes to spare I recommend you sit back, and enjoy this film.

Will You Help Me? (Annabelle Creation Review) 

Annabelle Creation meets its mark by submerging viewers into a creation story worth the price of addmisson. The movie sets the tone by introducing us to where it all began. The Mullings after a catastrophic turn of events open their home to a group of orphan girls, and from that instance the horror ensues. The audience will find themselves captivated at every turn as the cinematography creates suspension worthy of original horror classics such as “The Shining”. For me since I’m not that familiar with the Conjuring or the other Annabelle movies it created another fan of this popular cult horror figure. 

Now I’m fueled to go and watch the other installments of Annabelle. The consistent theme of grief illuminates the film further as I found myself trying to solve the mystery of Annabelle. What would cause the Mulling family to experience the horror that viewers have grown accustom to from the original films. This prequel does not miss its mark. If anything it revitalizes the franchise for future films.

I’ve never been a huge fan of dolls on the big screen since Charles Lee Ray bka Chucky, but Annabelle would surely give the lakeshore strangler a run for his soul, or perhaps she’d just take his soul all together. I wouldn’t mind seeing acrossover which pits Chucky with Annabelle. Now that would be a horror film for be ages, and it could possibly bring Chucky back from the depths of mediocrity.

“Annabelle Creation” proves that horror movies may actually be on the rise. You’ll find yourself bracing as the film takes you out of your element. The shifting shadows, and stoic patterns produce a world of fright. Perhaps “Annabelle Creation” sets the foundation for a “It” to be a hit in a few weeks…fingers crossed.

R.I.P Little Finger



Game of Thrones continued to build suspense as characters were thrust into different directions. Samwell Tarly finally decided to grow a pair, and depart from the Citadel. Ironically as he finally decided to go off into the uncharted waters of bravery; Samwell’s father (Randyll Tarly and Dickon Tarly) were being executed by Daenerys Targaryen.  Daenerys has taken an interesting twist with her previous moniker, “breaker of chains” with her not following Tyrion Lannister’s advice of imprisoning the Tarly’s since they would be the last of their names; instead of imprisoning the Tarly Daenerys chooses execution by fires. The Game of Thrones is slowly changing Danny, but hopefully her council can save her before she enters the perpetual dark side.

Jon Snow showcased his leadership abilities at the end of the “Eastwatch” episode as he along with the Hound, Ser Jorah Mormont, the Hound, and the Lord of light followers are headed beyond the wall in hopes of capturing a white walker. Capturing the white walker may bring Cersei Lannister to their side while saving countless lives, but could this step of assimilating Cersei into the fold be the undoing for both Jon and Daenerys. The Lannister have been prevalent in the Game of Thornes since Jamie Lannister put an end to the Mad King. Perhaps allowing Cersei to get close to stop the Night King is her opportunity to destroy all who oppose the Lannister family. Keep in mind this is the only way Cersei stands a legit chance in the war. Jon Snow’s intimate moment with Drogon further establishes his Targeryen linage, but when will he truly know who his parents are? Gilly does a great job of dropping another bombshell to Johns Targaryen linage with the new information that Rahegar Targeryen and Lyanna Stark where secretly wed. I can just see Robert Baratheon rolling over in his grave. In that instance, I truly felt sad for Robert Baratheon because Lyanna Stark was truly the only woman he ever love, and I for one imagine Robert Baratheon being as noble and as Ned Stark in a world where Lyanna lived, but then again what would have caused her to run off with Rahegar; however everyone always speaks so highly of Rahegar whenever he is mentioned, which truly parallels Jon Snow.  Season 7 Episode 5 also revealed a promising moment between sisters.

Arya holds an interesting conversation with Sansa in their parent’s room. In the beginning Arya was going to spare her sister’s feelings as she has grown through her journey, but Sansa insists that she give it to her plan. Confronting Sansa about her always wanting nice things, and questioning her about what she was still thinking about even in that instance of confrontation. Now for me truly Sansa is the one true blood Stark that has never belonged in Winterfell. Even going back to the first season Cersei Lannister even stated that such a pretty flower shouldn’t be tucked away, which brings us to the note. During the end of the episode Little Finger is given a note, and the note is from a previous season; however, it is the only copy of the note. Little Finger after obtaining the note purely states, “Lady Sansa will be pleased”. Arya eventually goes into full stealth mode sneaking into the room finding the note which states:

“Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.”

This is either a ploy by Little Finger to create a rift between sisters, or Lady Sansa is trying to maintain her reputation in the North. Would this letter be incriminating against her leadership role as of now, or is this simply Little Finger being Little Finger?  If this is Little Finger being himself then I hope he finds himself on Arya’s list and eventually on his Needle. Quiet in the realm there are only few episodes left.

No One (GOT review episode 4 season 7) 

Game of thrones never ceases to amaze me even with its 7th season. The writing encompasses sheer brilliance as the evolution of characters comes full surface. The characters have transitioned so much in this series to the point that it quite inspiring.

When Sansa last saw Arya the two were sisters but not exactly the close knit siblings one would expect under the guidance of Lord Eddard Stark, and Lady Stark. Sansa finds her sister in the Starks crypt looking at the poorly constructed statue of her father. I for one expected Arya to have a breaking point as she witnessed the statue of the man she so loving admired to what seems like a lifetime ago. Assasins don’t cry instead they exemplify growth. Sansa and Arya showcases tremendous maturation through their first conversation. Both wolves expressing how they had gone through some pretty harsh spells through the course of their journey; however their story according to Arya isn’t over. The symbol of Eddard Stark in the crypt acts as a bridge to establishing a more prominent relationship between the girls. I have to believe that the original Lord Stark—there been quite a few—is smiling down on his daughters. I won’t even get into how bad ass Arya has gotten with needle. Please go watch her fight against Lady Brienne, as she comes to the defense of a helpless Podrick.

Daenerys targaryen in her frustration finally retaliated with force utilizing her Dothraki army and one of her Dragons. Daenerys also showed that in her pursuit of the iron throne she might even compromise her integrity to that of the Mad King. This episode actually showed her frustration with a lack of patience as she questioned Tyrions loyalty, and shifted her questions to Jon Snow. Jon and the mother of dragons seem to be developing some chemistry beyond the looming threats that each of them are currently facing. Will Jon and Danny make a romantic stint after the war with the dead is over? Will Cersi Lannister swallow her pride and join forces with Danny and John against the white walkers? GOT should be exhausted from all of the heavy lifting. I for one can’t wait until next week to see what awaits us. 

Seriously though go check out Arya she’s such a a badass. Who taught her to fight this way…no one. 


Brief review of “Girls Trip”

When I first saw the promotions for “Girls Trip” I must admit my first thought was, “I am sure my girlfriend will make me go see that movie.” The onslaught of stereotypical tags Hollywood often places on African American films also bombarded my mind, but after watching “Girls Trip” I am very thankful I didn’t let my preconceived notions keep me from a great film (Spoilers ahead). “Girls Trip” begins with four friends who have all gone their separate ways seemingly due to the confining chains that adulthood often create; Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), Sasha Franklin (Queen Latifah), Lisa Cooper (Jada Pinkett Smith), and Dina (Tiffany Haddish) all set out for a redefining adventure in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ryan Pierce, a successful author has caught the attention of America by proclaiming that a person can have it all by simply willing themselves to have it all. Pierce’s relationship embodies a sense of realism, but only as an illusion through the prose of her best-selling book, “You Can Have It All”. Stewart Pierce (Mike Colter) establishes a prominent catalyst to Ryan’s career, with Ryan having an opportunity to become the next Oprah Winfrey type sensation; however, Ryan realizes that something is missing in her life even with all the fame… enter the “Flossy Posse”

Sasha Franklin a middle-aged journalist who is dealing with the same financial struggles that the ladies dealt with in college. Sasha in the beginning of the film is facing eviction because her website Sasha’s Secrets is not generating enough hits for her financial gain. People just are not utilizing those Ads. Sasha as a journalist had chosen to take a bet on herself in the past, which reduced her to nothing more than an internet gossip columnist; however, her sense of pride creates unique strength for her character in the film. The type of strength that Ryan had compromised years ago.

Lisa Cooper another piece of the “Flossy Posse” had completely lost her sense of female sexuality replacing it with a devoted heart for her two children. Lisa who had suffered a divorce before the clutches of adulthood had separated the group was now living with her mother. Lisa of all the members needed this trip the most because she had reduced herself to just one role, but when you have friends like the “Flossy Posse” you become the 2017 Stella, and eventually get your groove back. The final member of the “Flossy Posse” was without question my favorite character in the film Dina.

Dina without question kept the audience on edge with her nonchalant attitude for the rules, and unlike the other three women Dina never appeared bogged down by anything even her pending termination. Her sheer exploration of her sexuality as weapon on screen took her form being a static character in my eyes to a character that the franchise may explore in the sequel. True enough they have not announced a sequel, but it would be a sin if this was the only trip these four women took on the big screen. Dina deserves more exploration.

Overall “Girls Trip” if anything speaks to the multitude of women who go through the many perils that women face, whether is being a single mother, chasing success, eviction notices, or being labeled a hoe because of a desire to be sexual, “Girls Trip” truly was a film for every woman, and for the fellas that may have been forced to go see it if they saw the bigger picture they learned some significant things about the struggles women face in the midst of laughs. Women are strong, bold, and fearless. I just hope to see the “Flossy Posse” again, and I sure wouldn’t mind them all going international for their next trip.




There is a lot to be said about movies especially when they are a part of a trilogy. “War for the Planet of the Apes” does a unique job of building suspense throughout the movie, while actually creating many themes that evoke cultural, as well as spiritual relevance for movie goers across the world. Now at this juncture if you have not watched the movie “War for the Planet of the Apes” please click away now *Spoiler Alerts*.

The protagonist Caesar consistently haunted throughout, “War for the Planet of the Apes” with his lack of recognition to recognize the darkness in Koba in the previous film (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). The irony persists when Caesar suffers a tragedy at the hands of Colonel McCullough. This creates a shift in Caesar where he is consumed by vengeance; however Caesar still assumes the role of a Christ figure, and he is why. Caesar much like Jesus was betrayed by his own kind when Winter (Caesar’s Judas) sells him out as Winter becomes the catalyst for Caesars early misfortune in “War for the Planet of the Apes”.

Writers Mark Bomback and Matt Reeves also show the ugliness of humanity through Colonel McCullough. The Colonel represents the ugly nature that is hidden deep within society whenever humanity is threatened. The evolution of the Simian virus places the Colonel in a situation similar to that of biblical proportions of Abraham and Isacc, although in this situation the Colonel heard no voice from God, which shows the depth of what humans will do to stay on top of the Animal Kingdom. The symbol of slavery spoke volumes to be during the movie. Why is it that when humanity feels threatened slavery seems to be the end all resolution? Then being an African American with the use of Apes as slaves placed me in a mind frame of thinking about my ancestors who faced the same problems of bondage Caesar and the rest of the Apes. The genius of actually incorporating a route underneath the compound even relates to a literal underground railroad with the Bad Ape (assuming the role of Harriet Tubman to an extent).

Caesar achieves his role as a Christ figure by coming down from the cross, and getting his people to the promised land. Caesar never enters the promised land, but a lot can be said through his leadership. Apes stick together which is something I could only dream would happen with the minorities across the country. What would America look like if people of color banded together much like the Apes in a common goal for freedom against unlawful persecution, and police brutality? I can only imagine that the promised land exist for all, or does the promised land only have room for one group of people. Perhaps that is what the “War of the Planet of the Apes” communicates on a larger scope…there can only be one dominant species.